Outlaw - Side Mast Model

Outlaw & Outlaw+

The Outlaw is the most versatile three-point hitch model made by Wheatheart. The free-standing unit features a telescoping mast and tilt functions that allow you take this unit anywhere a tractor can go, including side hills, and the adjustable hammer head gives you the flexibility of using different post lengths.

| Outlaw mast height adjusts from 9' 6" to 11' 11" with 660 lbs of hammer pressure

| Outlaw+ mast adjusts from 9' 8" to 14' 5" with 720 lbs of hammer pressure

| Bolt on hammerhead with several mounting positions to accommodate different post heights

| Greaseless poly slides are low maintenance and worry-free

| Low center of gravity and wide stance for added strength and stability

| Standard, hydraulic post hugger

| Optional Feautures

Cast iron cones, square and T-post huggers, depending on your needs

The optional pilot auger allows to drill most soil conditions and certain rock obstructions, making it easier to pound posts