Transfer Augers

Transfer Augers

Versatile transfer augers are available in 8” and 10" diameters with choice of gas, electric or hydraulic drive. 13” transfer augers are available in hydraulic drive only. These low profile (just 12 1/4" at the hopper back) transfer augers fit under the lowest hopper bottoms. The hopper is balanced for easy moving, while a hanger bushing eliminates tube chatter.

Smoother, Faster, Quieter Operation   
  • U-joints are eliminated by using multiple drives
  • Double Drive on the 10" features 2 orbit motors
  • Double Drive on the 13” features 1 orbit motor
Electric Drive
  • Offers smooth operation

Hydraulic Drive

  • Includes valve and orbit motor with easy access control of two 10” hydraulic motors
Gas Drive
  • Features a quick detach plate with reduction gearbox for easy starting under load.
  • The 8” auger is powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine, while the 10” features a 9 hp Honda engine
9" Poly Transfer Auger - Just 125 lbs.

The 9" poly transfer auger is the lightweight alternative! Our poly hopper and 9" tube reduces weight (only 125 Ibs) and resists corrosion and offers easy one-person handling and storage. The 8'2" length stores horizontally on semi trailers for legal transport. The unit also features an adjustable discharge angle for low trailers. Available in hydraulic drive only.

Use the Wheatheart Calculator tools to help you with your next auger purchase! Calculate your ideal Auger Length, Flight Speed or Ground Length.


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